FREE Book, BEFORE You Hire An Ocean Springs Car Wreck Lawyer, Read My Book First! Top 5 Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Mississippi Car Wreck Case. Biloxi Car Wreck? My Book Has Answers.

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FREE Book: Top Five Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Mississippi Personal Injury Car Wreck Case

I wrote this Mississippi Car Wreck book which REVEALS SECRETS that you MUST know before you hire a lawyer or talk to the insurance company.


***BEFORE you hire a lawyer. . .(including before you try to hire me)

***BEFORE you talk to an insurance company. . .

***BEFORE you make a mistake. . .

Read my FREE Book, Top 5 Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Mississippi Car Wreck Case

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I've actually written 4 books now.

One for each area of law that I specialize in helping people.

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I promise you won't be bored reading my book as it will allow you to:

Discover HIDDEN SECRETS about car wrecks and other injuries in Ocean Springs, Biloxi, Pascagoula, Gulfport, Hattiesburg, or anywhere else in Mississippi.

Get my FREE book about Mississippi car wrecks and other types of accidents such as Mississippi Car Wrecks, Biloxi Trucking Accidents, Gulfport Worker's Compensation Accidents, and Pascagoula Longshore Injuries.

I am a Mississippi lawyer and I have been successfully representing accident victims for almost 20 years and I am willing to share with you information that NO ONE will give you.

What is the catch?

Why am I giving away this information for FREE?

Because it is crucial for you to have BEFORE you hire a lawyer (and this includes me!).

My Mission: Stop Bad Car Wreck & Workers Comp Lawyers

And I'm on a mission. 

A mission to STOP bad lawyers and BAD insurance companies.

How did I get on this mission?

I'll tell you. 

I had to hire a lawyer to represent me on a real estate case (I don't handle real estate cases). 

And everything bad that you hear about lawyers happened to me.  It was a NIGHTMARE. 

The lawyer did nothing on my case.

I made a promise to myself that I was going to STOP bad lawyers and STOP bad insurance companies (that's a mission I'll tell you some other time).

But, you know what it did?

It TRANSFORMED me into a better lawyer.

I thought I was giving good customer service before that happened to me. 

But after it happened, I realized I could give any better customer service.

So, I've become so focused on my MISSIONS that I'm giving my books away for FREE!

Now, before you TRY to hire me, please read my book first.

I don't take every person's case that calls me. 

I can't. 

You need to read my book to find out why.

If you've been hurt in an accident anywhere in Mississippi and you read my book, Top Five Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Car Wreck Case.

After your read my book, you may not need a lawyer and if you want it, I will send you my FREE GIFT, 34 Secrets To Handling Your Own Mississippi Personal Injury Car Wreck Case.  

I am confident you will love the information about car accidents and how the legal process works!

So, you think you want to hire a lawyer to handle your car wreck case or your workers comp case or your trucking wreck?   Don't.  

Read my book first.  

I guarantee that you will be blown away by the information in the book.

It is FREE and there is no obligation to you even if you don't hire me. I REVEAL answers to many of the questions on your mind RIGHT NOW, such as:

***I don't like lawyers, why should I hire one?  Guess what?  I don't like a lot of lawyers either! And, I will tell you why in my book!

***Should I talk to the insurance company?

*** Should I give a recorded statement to the insurance company?

***How Do I Know If I Hired A Good Lawyer?

***  Do I Have To File A Lawsuit?

*** Am I Going To Be In Court For Years?

*** Who pays for my medical bills while I am hurt?

*** Who pays for the damage to my car when I get rear-ended?

So, to sum it up, I am offering you:

*** A FREE BOOK, The Top 5 Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Car Wreck Case

*** A 100% No-HASSLE GUARANTEE that I nor will anyone in my office hassle you about anything!

*** A 100% Guarantee That I Am Not Like Other Lawyers!  Guaranteed.  I know a lot of you don't like lawyers.  I don't either as some of them do some outrageous things to their clients. 

I was born in Biloxi.  I was raised here.  I went to school here.  I am sending my kids to school here.  I do not and will never do the things other lawyers do.

*** A 100% guarantee that if you are not blown away by the information I put in this book, I will send you ANOTHER FREE GIFT, 34 Secrets To Handling Your Own Mississippi Personal Injury Car Wreck Case.

What are you waiting for?  

You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose.

This is a 100% guarantee from me, Jay Foster, your injury lawyer for all of Mississippi.

And no, you don't have to call and talk with me. . .I know how you feel.  You feel like you might get taken advantage of by lawyers.

 Or get pressured into doing something you don't want to do.

That is aggravating and I have actually been there myself.


I went through the exact same thing.

In fact, I hired a lawyer on a personal matter and I was very frustrated with his performance!!!  

The lawyer drove me nuts!!  I never got any copies of anything going on with my case despite asking for it over half a dozen times!! 

The lawyer NEVER let me know what was happening with my case.

Look, I know lawyers are busy.  I'm one of them.   NEVER letting me know what was happening with my own case???


It is exactly why I know you get aggravated with lawyers.  It is exactly why I was aggravated with this lawyer. Don't make that same mistake by hiring the WRONG lawyer (and the WRONG lawyer could include me!).  

Read MY BOOK FIRST BEFORE YOU HIRE ANY LAWYER (and this includes me!)! Fill out your information in the boxes below and I will send you the FREE Book right away!

By filling out the form below you agree that you are not a lawyer or an insurance company or working for and/or on behalf of them (my book is not available for lawyers and insurance companies).  And by the way, I HATE spam as much as you do so I won't EVER share your information with anyone!

Mississippi Workers Comp And Car Wreck Lawyers

As far as worker's compensation injuries are concerned, whether you call it Mississippi workmans comp, Gulfport workers comp, Biloxi workers compensation, or whatever, I represent people injured in these accidents also.

But, don't believe me, just listen to what Jay Foster's car wreck and workers comp clients have to say.  So, don't believe me, believe them.

They are just like you.




I know what you are going through.

I've been hurt in a couple of accidents myself badly.

Here is Melvin Lonberger, my client from Moss Point, Mississippi. 

He was hurt in a Pascagoula Workers Comp Accident. 

He wanted to tell other people about me. 

Watch his video testimonial about his Pascagoula Workers Comp Accident.

And here is Stephen Burton, my client from Biloxi, Mississippi. 

I represented him on a Biloxi Workers Compensation Accident.

He was so satisfied with what I did for him that he hired me again to represent him on a Gulfport Car Wreck case. 

Watch his video testimonial about his Gulfport Car Wreck.

The same is true for car wrecks, whether you call it (or me) car accidents, car accident lawyer, or car crash attorney, I represent people injured in these accidents also. Do you have questions about car accidents or workmans comp injuries?  I have answers and my FREE book has lots of answers!

On this website, you will find information which will identify the many obstacles in your path when you’re seeking justice for your personal injury. AFTER, AND ONLY AFTER, you have read my book, should you talk to an insurance company or any lawyer (including me!).

If you have questions, please contact Car Wreck Lawyer Jay Foster or call Workers Comp Lawyer Jay Foster about any of the following areas in which I help victims in Mississippi: workers compensation in Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Gulfport, car wrecks, truck accidents, Longshore injuries, or nursing home abuse injuries.

If you provide me your name, email, phone number and address, I will send you the book for FREE!

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But, I've got to have your information to send you the book. If you don't want me to have it, you can stop by my Ocean Springs Office and we'll give it to you for free.


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MS Car Accidents or Wrecks

In Mississippi, if you were injured in a car wreck or accident, depending upon the circumstances, I may be able to help. I say "may" because I don't take every case that comes to my office. You really should do the following BEFORE you do anything: BEFORE You Hire A Lawyer (and this includes BEFORE you try to hire me!). . . BEFORE You Talk To The Insurance Company. . . Read My FREE Book First! I am a Mississippi LICENSED lawyer and specializes in car wreck cases. Why did I bold Mississippi Licensed Lawyer? Because, many of the TV Lawyers do not have Mississippi Bar Licenses (and yes, I have a Mississippi Bar License). BEFORE You Hire An Unlicensed Lawyer, get my FREE Report, Shouldn't Your Lawyer Have A Mississippi Bar License?! 

18 Wheeler Wrecks

I specialize in just 4 areas of the law. Mississippi 18 Wheeler wrecks are one of those areas. WATCH OUT! There are a lot of lawyers that claim to be trucking accident specialists and they aren't. Click on the book with the 18 wheeler on the front of it. It is WAAAAY up on the right side of this page and get the book to find out the SECRETS these lawyers don't want you to know.

Mississippi Workers Compensation

Work Comp injury?   You may NOT need a lawyer though. Read my Mississippi Workers Comp book to find out why Click on the book with the construction worker on the front. It is WAAAAAAAAY up on the right side of this page. BEFORE You Hire A Lawyer. . .(and this includes me!) BEFORE You Talk To The Insurance Company. . . Read my FREE Books First. You can click on the books for the areas where I help people WAAAAAAAAAAY up on the right side of this page. After (and only after) you have read the books, should you then consider hiring a lawyer. Why? Because the TRUTH is you may not need a lawyer. Lawyers don't like me saying that but it's true. My books have CRUCIAL information that you MUST have.  Also, if you need free legal help or other free help, please go to the "home" page and click on our "resources" link or "frequently asked questions" link.  The "resources" link is located at the top of the home page or the bottom left.

Mississippi Attorney Longshore Accidents

Injured at Ingalls?  Are you a Longshore worker?    My FREE Book, Answers All Your Questions BEFORE You Hire A Lawyer! And listen, you may not need a lawyer for your Longshore Accident either. Read my book to find out why.

Shouldn't Your Lawyer Have A MS Bar License?!

Shouldn't Your Lawyer Have A Mississippi Bar License?! Secrets Of TV Lawyers Exposed: Many TV Lawyers Don't Have Mississippi Bar Licenses! I wrote this report because I think the public needs to be aware of the PROBLEMS when you hire a lawyer that doesn't have a Mississippi Bar License.  My FREE Report, Shouldn't Your Lawyer Have A Mississippi Bar License?!, exposes the TV lawyers that don't have Mississippi Bar Licenses. They don't want you to know this (what they do is put it in small print on their commercial and leave it up for only a few seconds). And yes, in case you're wondering, I have a Mississippi Bar License.

FREE Book Answers All Your Biloxi, Mississippi Car Wreck Questions!



Questions about a car wreck in Biloxi, Mississippi or anywhere else?  My FREE Book Has The Answers.

Questions About Mississippi Car Wreck? Whether it was in Pascagoula or Biloxi or Hattiesburg or anywhere, My FREE Book Answers Your Questions!

Just give me your name and email and I will email you my FREE Book, Top 5 Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Mississippi Car Wreck Case.  There is ABSOLUTELY NO obligation to hire me.  You want the book, you get it.  No hassles or catches.

Mississippi Attorney Jay Foster's Community Involvement

If you are looking for an attorney that can not only help you with your Ocean Springs car wreck, Gulfport workers comp accident, Northrop Grumman Longshore accident, or Biloxi trucking accident, but who is involved in our community, I am the attorney for you. I'm committed to volunteer work on behalf of our community and has devoted countless hours to helping people and promoting projects that help Mississippi. But, hiring me can be difficult.  I am very strict about the cases I take. You need to read my books to see if I accept your accident case. Remember, I only represent people injured in car wrecks, trucking accidents, longshore accidents, and worker's compensation in Mississippi. And, you can read my FREE Book, Top Five Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Mississippi Car Wreck Case, by just giving me your name and email and I will send it to you. It answers lots of questions that you may have about not only Mississippi Car Wrecks but other types of accidents.  There is NO obligation to you. If you want it, you get it. back to top misssipppi car wreck mistakesFREE Book: Top Five Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Mississippi Personal Injury Car Wreck Case Jay Foster - Mississippi Car Wreck, Trucking Accident, And Workers Comp Lawyer When you need help, remember, as Jay and Jay's children say, "Get Justice, Get Jay Foster."™   "For Justice, Call My Daddy Now."™