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    April 4th, 2011

    Trucking Accidents or Wrecks – Trucking Companies Are Required To Check a Driver’s History Before Hiring Them

    Title 9, Section 391.23 of the Code of Federal Regulations Requirments

    Trucking Companies must investigate every truck driver before they hire them.  A trucking company is required by Section 391.23 to investigate 3 years of a truck driver’s history in every state where the truck driver held a license.  They are also required to investigate the truck driver’s employment record for the 3 years before they apply.  The investigation of the driving history must be made within 30 days of hiring the truck driver. The response from every State must be maintained in the driver’s “qualification file.”

    The employment record investigation must also be made within 30 days of hiring the truck drive.  The trucking company or motor carrier as it is also know must keep a written record for each past employer that they contacted and it must include the employer’s name, address, date of contact, and comments.  All of this information must be included in the driver’s qualification file.

    This requirement is crucial as we must ensure the safety of the public.  Proper investigations must be conducted to prevent unsafe truck drivers from getting behind the wheel of an 18 wheel truck.  If a trucking company fails to properly investigate a truck driver, this driver may be a extreme liability on the road and could cause a serious wreck which may result in serious injuries.

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