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    May 11th, 2017

    Your Lawyer Doesn’t Talk To You – Then Why Do You Stay With Him????

    I saw a friend of mine who hire a lawyer only to be disappointed.

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    Is this you trying to get in touch with your lawyer?

    The lawyer is too busy to talk with her.

    They play phone tag.

    I’ll bet she talks to the secretary more than she talks to the lawyer.

    I get calls like this every day from people injured in wrecks or at work.

    If she had read my Tips on How To Find A Good Lawyer, this wouldn’t have happened.

    Are The TV Lawyers Any Better????

    I also saw someone hired one of the TV Lawyers recently.

    I can’t say this lawyer’s name because he’ll file another Law License Complaint against me (he lost that case against me).

    I don’t care about that so much because I just tell the truth about him but the Law License Rules don’t allow me to mention his name and compare myself to him.

    Stupid rule but that’s what the Rules say.

    This TV lawyer is is so jealous of me, he still reads my blog and looks for a reason to report me to the Bar.

    I know he’ll read this one so “Hello to you again Mr. TV Lawyer.  I hope you like what I write today.”

    I’ll let you in on a SECRET this TV Lawyer doesn’t want you to know:

    This particular TV lawyer doesn’t have a Mississippi Law License!

    He doesn’t want you to know that.

    He tried to have my law license taken away for telling the truth about him but he lost.

    Fortunately, the truth won for once.

    But, he gets on TV and acts like he’s going to get you a million dollars for your Mississippi case but the reality is he can’t do anything for you.

    He doesn’t have a license here so he can do absolutely nothing for you.

    You wouldn’t hire a doctor without a Mississippi Medical License so why in the heck would you hire a lawyer without a Mississippi Law License????!!!???

    WARNING: I’ll let you in on another little secret: this particular lawyer (and all the TV Lawyers you see are pretty much like this) settles his cases for pennies on the dollar.


    Because insurance companies don’t respect them.

    The insurance companies don’t respect the TV lawyers because they know jurors hate them.

    It seems every time I go to Court, I get people saying they hate the lawyer TV ads and this lawyer’s name or his stupid ad is usually mentioned.

    If these people are voting on your case, how in the heck do you expect to win it if they hate the law firm your lawyer works for?????????????????????

    And despite what they act like, these TV lawyers don’t go to trial.

    Even though the lawyer I’m talking about doesn’t have a Mississippi Law License, he doesn’t even go to trial in the State where he does have a law license.

    Why not?

    Because he knows the jurors hate him and he will lose your case.

    Do You Think You’ll Ever Talk To Your TV Lawyer???


    Is this question a joke?

    You’re not talking to this lawyer that advertises on TV.

    He has to hire other lawyers to talk with you because he can’t do anything for you because he doesn’t have a Mississippi Law License.

    And he darn sure isn’t getting on the phone with you or meeting with you about your case.

    You wouldn’t hire a doctor to operate on you that you haven’t met so why in the world would you hire a lawyer who you haven’t met????

    That’s crazy.

    The Windup – Legal Crusader To The Rescue!

    The final thought for today is I noticed a bunch of lawyers have their own employees review them on Google and Facebook.

    Ocean Springs Personal Injury Lawyer Jay Foster Legal Crusader-001

    I’m On A Mission!

    You won’t find any of my staff EVER reviewing me.  I will fired any of my staff that EVER does that.  That is FRAUDULENT.

    And I don’t take reviews down, you get to see the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    I don’t please everyone and I’ve learned from my years of doing business you won’t please everyone.

    But, none of my clients will ever say they could not talk with me (if they do, they aren’t telling the truth).

    The truth is when you hire me, you can set your own phone appointment or office meeting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online.

    No phone tag.

    No leaving messages.

    No aggravation.

    I handle my own cases myself.

    You don’t get pushed off on an associate lawyer.

    You don’t get pushed off on a paralegal.

    You hire me, you get me.

    Try that with your TV lawyer!

    Heck, try that with ANY lawyer and I bet you walk away wondering why in the heck you hired the lawyer in the first place.

    Lawyers wonder why we are hated.

    I don’t wonder at all.



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