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    April 1st, 2011
    Jay Foster
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    You can call my office at any of the above numbers.

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    Jay Foster – Mississippi Car Wreck, Trucking Accident, And Workers Comp Lawyer When you need help, remember, as Jay and Jay’s children say, “Get Justice, Get Jay Foster.”™   “For Justice, Call My Daddy Now.”™

    11 Responses to Contact Us


      I was injuried at work May 11th 2015. I have a herniated disc L2-3.Chose my own Dr. and he has been very conservative with my treatment.I have not worked since the accident and was just sent this past Wed.for an epidural injection.
      I read your book but still have alot of questions.I have received payment from workers this time but my company also made me go on FMLA and use my sick leave and vacation time even though it was workers comp.Is this correct? My next appt. with my July 20th.What happens if he releases me to go back to work and this disc herniates more or completely ruptures?I have had back surgery in the past but its all below this area of my back.I believe workers comp has payed me correctly up till now but I don’t understand why I had to use my sick and vacation time up while on workers comp.Just very worried about a lot of future things with my job.I work as a Medical Technologist and an X-ray tech,so my job requires a lot of bending and lifting.
      I would appreciate any help if you think you can help.
      Thank You,
      Johnny Fortenberry (Phone# 601-731-4888
      PS: I work and live in Columbia,Ms.

    2. C. Smith says:

      A question for Mr. Foster regarding my worker’s compensation claim.
      I am a nurse at a major mississippi hospital, i injured my back and hip on the job. I have an active worker’s comp claim with the hospital. I have seen the hospital’s in house occupational clinic m.d. I was referred by this m.d. to see a specialist m.d. at MS sports medicine. The m.d. at MS sports medicine has referred me to see another specialist m.d., a physiatrist. My question: I have seen a chiropractor for a few weeks without a referral between my visits with the m.d.’s, should worker’s comp be responsible for backpaying me for the cost of seeing a chiropractor? I spoke to the claim handler before i saw the chiropractor, and he did not directly tell me that they would not pay for me to see the chiro but he gave me the impression that i would have to eat the cost if i saw the chiro so in my best interest i saw a well reviewed chiro. I did make some improvement with my injury while seeing the chiro. Further more chiropractic care is recognized as a successful, cost effective conservative avenue for treating back and hip injuries. I feel workers comp should be responsible for some of the chiro cost,especially if it improved my condition.
      Thank you in advance for your response.

      • Jay says:


        First, let me say that I’m sorry this happened to you. I’ve been injured myself and I know it is not fun and how stressful it is.

        The general answer is you must have the referral and follow the chain of referrals.

        I’m going to need some more information to answer that though because I think I can find a way around the problem.

        Call us so we can ask a few questions about that and see if we can’t guide you through this.

    3. Kim Harper says:

      Please send me your WORKMANS comp book.

      • Jay says:

        I’m sorry. We are having a problem with our website right now. I apologize for that. They are working on the problem.

      • Jay says:

        Hi, it works now, just click on the worker’s compensation book at the top of any page on my website and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and put your information in. Because of your trouble with getting the book, we’ll give you a discount if we take your case.

    4. Kim Harper says:

      I’m not sure if this site is working properly, maybe it because I’m on my mobile and not desktop. Please send me your book.

    5. Kim Harper says:

      No, I didn’t receive the book on Workers Comp. I’ve tried several times.

    6. Roy Hill says:

      Got a couple of questions I got hurt on the job Jan10th of this year 2017 I’m getting paid and my Dr. visits are doing well, I got to have a fusion done on my L5-S1 and my workers comp case manager told me that if I’m out past July 8th I have to start using my LTD Ins I have with the company and that would make my pay be 60% but it will allow for all my medical and dental Ins contenou Also do you think this might be a good case to Hire a Lawyer

      • Jay says:


        If you are having that serious of a surgery, I would suggest you get a lawyer. I hope your surgery goes okay. Thanks for contacting us and if you have any other questions, just let us know.

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