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    May 6th, 2011


    1. Does your lawyer have a license to practice law in Mississippi?

    This is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL to your case.

    Believe it or not, there are MANY lawyers who advertise on TV and they don’t have a license!

    You wouldn’t hire a doctor without a Mississippi Medical License!


    Because you already know that it is dangerous using your own common sense.

    The same is true for lawyers.  It is dangerous!

    I’ve written a report about this that you MUST read!

    Go to to get it for FREE!


    2.  Is the Mississippi lawyer you are calling to hire going to be the lawyer who actually handles your case?

    Again, this is crucial.

    If the lawyer is doing a bunch of advertising on TV or on the phone book and is not going to be your lawyer, then why are you calling that lawyer??

    How can you trust anything the lawyer says?

    I mean if he says he’s going to do this and that in his advertisement on TV and then it turns out that you never talk to the lawyer, how can you trust anyone in his office?

    Didn’t they already lie to you once?

    Why wouldn’t they do it again?

    I’ve written a book about this also.

    Why would you hire someone if they aren’t the person who is going to help you?

    I mean, would you hire a doctor to operate on you and then find out he is not going to do the operation?


    So why would you hire a lawyer and then later find out that he is not your lawyer?  Stupid!


    3.  Is your lawyer a specialist?

    If you were in an accident, whether it was Mississippi car wreck, worker’s comp accident, longshore accident or trucking accident, I’ve written a book about all 4 types of law.

    BEFORE you hire a lawyer, read it first!

    I REVEAL SECRETS that most lawyers and insurance companies don’t want you to know.

    And hiring a lawyer is no different than hiring a doctor.

    Would you hire your pediatrician to do brain surgery?

    Of course not, so why in the heck would you hire a lawyer who wasn’t a specialist?


    4.  Is your lawyer telling you that you might not need a lawyer?

    If he’s not, then he is probably just fishing for cases trying to take yours even though he knows he can’t get a good settlement for you.

    I TURN DOWN more cases than I accept.

    Why?  Read any of my books to find out why.


    5.  From the lawyers on TV to the supposedly “prominent” lawyers in Mississippi, I’ve found that a BUNCH and I mean a BUNCH of them don’t know what in the heck they are doing!

    Don’t believe me?

    I bet you don’t because most lawyers you can’t trust as far as you can throw them.

    I’m a lawyer and I don’t trust any of them either.

    BUT, I can prove it.

    If you were in a wreck with an 18 Wheeler, read my book about it.

    I REVEAL questions that your lawyer will be able to answer if he is an expert in trucking litigation.

    If he can’t answer them, DON’T WALK BUT RUN OUT OF HIS OFFICE or if you are on the phone HANG UP IMMEDIATELY!

    And those supposedly “prominent” lawyers?

    Most of them are liars.

    I know because I deal with them almost every day.

    The truth is they lie so much I don’t think they know what the truth is anymore.



    6.  Is the lawyer going to pawn you off on his paralegal so that he never talks to you?

    If he’s doing that, then why in the heck are you hiring him?  This is one of the most frequent complaints that I hear about lawyers every day, ESPECIALLY THE TV LAWYERS!


    7.  Does the lawyer have a system for talking to his clients every week that lets you set your own appointments with the lawyer to either talk or meet with him?

    If he doesn’t then I GUARANTEE you that you will call this lawyer a 100 times and never get a call back.

    How do I know?

    Because I went through it myself.

    I had to hire a lawyer to represent me on on a real estate matter.

    It was a NIGHTMARE!

    Frustrating as heck because I could never get in touch with the lawyer.

    Pawned me off on his paralegal.

    Never heard from him.

    Drove me crazy.

    But, I realized once again that poor reputation that lawyers have is deserved.

    8.  Does the Lawyer Have a GUARANTEE that YOUR Office Appointment With The Lawyer Will Start On Time?

    If the lawyer does not guarantee that your office appointment will start on time, then what are you doing there?  This tells you the lawyer doesn’t respect your time.

    Your time is valuable to you.

    Time is one thing that you can never get back.

    Why waste it sitting in the lobby of your lawyer’s office???

    9.  How Does The Stupid Advertising on TV by Lawyers DESTROY Your Case?

    I’ll tell you how.

    The insurance companies don’t respect them.

    At all.

    The insurance companies laugh at the TV lawyers.


    Because they know that most Mississippi jurors HATE them.

    And since most Mississippi jurors hate the TV lawyers they don’t give them very much money when they take a case to trial.

    Heck, every time I go to trial, when I get to ask the jurors questions, they ALWAYS bring up the stupid TV lawyers.

    Imagine being in court with your TV lawyer and most of the jurors say something like this: “It’s You TV Lawyers That Cause All The Problems With The Frivolous Lawsuits.”

    I’ve heard that in court or something similar to it a BUNCH of times.

    How is your TV Lawyer going to get around the perception that he is a shyster when most of the jurors believe he is???

    And yes, I advertise on TV.  But, I don’t promise you millions of dollars for a “scratch on your finger.”






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    1. Ashlee Sadelle Albritton says:

      Love Your knowledge and how you are not afraid to share !!! Such a Blessing !!!

      • Jay says:

        Thanks for your comment. I try to give a ton of information on my site. It isn’t pretty. But, I do put lots of information on it. I hope it helps you.

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