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    April 28th, 2011
    Mississippi Trucking Accident

    Get the book for FREE That Lawyers and Insurance Companies HATE! Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page!!

    BEFORE You Hire A Lawyer For Your Mississippi Trucking Accident (including BEFORE you try to hire me). . .

    BEFORE You Talk To The Insurance Company. . .

    Read my Mississippi Trucking Accident book FIRST.

    Mississippi Trucking Accident Book Answers Your Questions

    My book answers your questions such as:

    ***Should you sign the forms the insurance company wants you to sign?

    ***Should you let the insurance company record you over the phone?

    ***How To Find a good Mississippi Trucking Accident Lawyer (lots of lawyers won’t like this!). 

    If you are on this page, let me say first that I’m sorry that an 18 wheeler caused a wreck in which you were injured.

    These wrecks can be very devastating.

    What you may want to know is how to find a good Mississippi Trucking Accident Lawyer.

    I talk about this in my book which you should read BEFORE you do anything.


    Ocean Springs 18 Wheeler Wreck Accident Lawyer

    Scroll WAY down and fill out the form BELOW to get your FREE Book!!



    Mississippi Trucking Accident – I Laugh At The Lawyers Who Claim To Be Experts

    I laugh when I see lawyers who claim they are experienced in trucking wrecks.

    Unfortunately, though, if you were in an accident with an 18 wheeler, this means you aren’t laughing about anything.

    The reason I laugh is because these lawyers make these claims and most of them have NO IDEA what in the heck they are talking about.

    I have been involved in every major 18 Wheeler Wreck in Mississippi in one form or another for almost the entire time I’ve been a lawyer.

    I know the HIDDEN SECRETS that most lawyers don’t know about 18 wheelers and the wrecks they cause.

    I share some of these secrets in my book.

    I’ve got questions you should ask your lawyer BEFORE you hire them.

    They think they know but they don’t know.

    And they can’t know.

    But, as I always say, you don’t have to believe me,  just listen to my clients.

    There is a ton of video from my clients all over my website.

    Take a look at it.

    But, do remember, I don’t just take everyone’s wreck.  I may not take your wreck.  So, BEFORE you do anything, read my book to find out why and to discover the answers to the questions about trucking wrecks that you need to know.

    All you have to do is fill out the form below to get the book.

    But, if you are an insurance company or a lawyer (or working for them, you can’t get the book (my book is not available for insurance companies or lawyers and you agree by filling out the form that you are not a lawyer or an insurance company or working for either of them).

    I can’t send you the book if I don’t have your information.  And I HATE spam as much as you do.  There’s no legal language mumbo jumbo.

    I will NOT ever give your information to anyone ever!


    End of story.

    It’s just that simple, your information is YOUR information so you get to keep it private.  Again, though, there’s no way I can send you the book without having it.

    If you really don’t want to give me your information, just stop by my office and you can pick up a free copy.  No questions asked.

    So, fill out the form and get your questions answered:

    2 Responses to Mississippi Trucking Accident Book

    1. Mike Baker says:

      Please send me your trucking and WC books. Thanks!
      Mike Baker
      POB 1445
      Gautier, MS 39553-0018

      • jayfoster says:

        Hi Mr. Baker,

        First, let me say that I’m sorry that you were in an accident.

        I’ve been in several and I know it’s not easy for you or your family.

        In any event, I already emailed them both to you so you should already have them.

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