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    April 5th, 2011
    Mississippi Workers Comp Lawyer

    The ULTIMATE Guide To Mississippi Worker’s Compensation Accidents

    Me, A Mississippi Workers Comp Lawyer, Is Giving You A FREE Book!  Why?? BEFORE You Hire A Lawyer, Read My Book First!

    FREE Book, Top 5 Mistakes That Can DESTROY Your Mississippi Worker’s Compensation Case

    BEFORE You Hire A Mississippi Workers Comp Lawyer . . . (and this includes me!)

    BEFORE You Talk To The Insurance Company. . .

    Read My Book First!  I’m a Mississippi Workers Comp Lawyer specialist.

    After (and ONLY after) you have read the book should you consider hiring a Mississippi Workers Comp Lawyer

    My book contains CRUCIAL information that you MUST know for your worker’s comp injury whether you want a Mississippi Workers Comp Lawyer or not.

    Please do understand though that as a Mississippi Workers Comp Lawyer specialist, I might not take your case.

    I just don’t take every person’s case that calls me.

    My book reveals why a Mississippi Workers Comp Lawyer specialist like me might not take your case.

    You can get the FREE Book, Top 5 Mistakes That Can DESTROY Your Mississippi Worker’s Compensation Case (hiring the WRONG Mississippi Workers Comp Lawyer is one of them), by scrolling WAY DOWN to the bottom of this page and putting your name, address, telephone number, and email in the boxes below.

    Ocean Springs Worker's Comp Lawyer

    Scroll WAY down and fill out the form BELOW to get your FREE Book!!


    Put your information in the boxes below (I will NEVER share your information with anyone but I obviously have to have your information to send you the book):

    I REVEAL SECRETS in my book that lawyers and insurance companies don’t want you to know.

    Now, let’s talk about insurance companies.

    I don’t care what you’ve “heard” from your best friend, uncle, aunt, whoever.

    Insurance companies in Mississippi rule this State.

    We love voting for people who love insurance companies.

    And guess who your legislator votes for?

    Insurance companies.

    Yes, this includes your favorite legislator.

    I had a client of mine say a local legislator was one of his best friends and he just couldn’t believe this legislator would vote against people hurt at work.

    He found out differently.

    Now, don’t be mislead and think I take a bunch of cases where you got a hang nail.

    I only take real injuries.

    I let the TV lawyers have the fakers and the liars and the cheats.

    Let me give you an example of what the idiot politicians have done.

    If you get hurt at work and the injury may prevents you from ever coming close to the same hourly wage you made before the accident and a settlement will not replace this, is that fair?

    How does this happen?

    It  happens because we vote to put certain legislators in office who love insurance companies.  These legislators will never vote to help you but they do back flips to help insurance companies make a few more billion dollars a year.

    If your job requires you to do mostly heavy manual labor, how are you going to be able to  return to work doing the heavy manual labor if your injury prevents you from doing so?

    Insurance companies and the insurance adjustors that work for them are not in business to help you.  They are in business to give you as little as possible and try to make you give up.

    Heck, the truth is most Mississippi Workers Comp Lawyer aren’t in the business to help you either.  So, you’ve got a problem.  How do you fix it?

    I mean, how in the heck can you know if a Mississippi Workers Comp Lawyer is any good or not?

    You certainly can’t trust them.  I know I don’t trust them.

    What I find interesting is that when the “shoe is on the other foot,” the insurance adjustor then does not think it is fair when the insurance company uses the same tactics.

    How do I know?  I know because when people like yourself get injured at work, even insurance adjustors, they call me to help them.

    The problem is a Mississippi Workers Comp Lawyer might not be able to help you either.

    Why?  Read my book to find out why.

    For more questions and answers about Mississippi Workers’ Compensation cases and Mississippi Workers Comp Lawyer, please click on Jay Foster’s Questions About Mississippi Worker’s Comp.

    If you got hurt at work, you  may need legal help (BUT you MAY NOT: my book REVEALS why you might not need a Mississippi Workers Comp Lawyer).

    I know you don’t trust lawyers.  Heck, I am a Mississippi Workers Comp Lawyer and I don’t trust most of them either!

    My Mississippi Workers Comp Lawyer Confession

    I’ve got a confession to make to you.

    I had to hire a lawyer to represent me on a real estate case (read my book to find out more about this).

    And in hiring this lawyer, I experienced what I call LAWYER NIGHTMARES!!

    I don’t want anyone to go through what I had to go through in hiring a lawyer whether you hire a Mississippi Workers Comp Lawyer or not, do yourself a favor and read my book FIRST.

    And that gave me my MISSION!!

    My Mississippi Workers Comp Lawyer MISSION!

    Why Am I, Mississippi Workers Comp Lawyer, Giving You My Book For FREE?  Am I NUTS???

    Because I’m tired of just about every Mississippi Workers Comp Lawyer saying you need a lawyer for every workers comp accident.

    You don’t.

    Lawyers don’t like me saying that but it’s true.

    You just don’t need a Mississippi Workers Comp Lawyer for every accident at work.

    And I’m giving you this book for FREE because I’m on a MISSION to STOP every bad Mississippi Workers Comp Lawyer.  Similar to the idiot that I had to hire for my real estate case.

    So BEFORE you do anything (and this includes BEFORE you try to hire me!) read my book!

    You can get the FREE Book, Top 5 Mistakes That Can DESTROY Your Mississippi Worker’s Compensation Case by putting your name, address, telephone number, and email in the boxes below:

    You agree that by filling out the form BELOW that you are not working for an insurance company or a lawyer and that you are not a lawyer (my book is not available for insurance companies or lawyers).

    I will NOT ever share your information with anyone.  But, I have to have it because I need it to get the book to you.  If you don’t want to give me your information, just stop by any of our offices and ask for the book.  You’ll get it for free.  No questions asked.


    Jay Foster – Mississippi Car Wreck, Trucking Accident, And Workers Comp Lawyer When you need help, remember, as Jay and Jay’s children say, “Get Justice, Get Jay Foster.”™   “For Justice, Call My Daddy Now.”™



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    14 Responses to MS Workers Comp Lawyer – FREE Book BEFORE You Hire A Lawyer Read It

    1. Ross Swarthout says:

      want to read your book to make sure i have not made a mess in my case.

      • jayfoster says:

        Hi Mr. Swarthout,

        First, let me say that I’m sorry that you’ve had an accident at work. Getting hurt at work is certainly not an enviable position.

        I hope things get better for you and your family.

        As to the book, I’ve been overwhelmed by the requests for this book!

        I’m already on my third order from the publisher.

        I’ll send it as soon as I get from them.

        Thanks for your interest!

    2. Barbara Farney says:

      I need to know and I need as much help as I can get…

      • Jay says:

        Sorry this happened to you. Read our book when you get a chance.

        • Naugkia says:

          Hi Jay I have a question I been on work comp since last year n august n July I had to go to dey doctor for a review,7/24/16 and Dat was the last time I receive a check,but I’m still under a doctor supposed to be getting ready for surgery,the insurance company still approved my doctor visits but Im not getting no check,and I’m bout to lose everything,the funny thing is I have a lawyer and she say she filing a motions waiting on the judgeto set a date and she say it could take a while I’m over head hungry…So sorry for posting on this status

          • Jay says:


            There is no need to be sorry about it. I get questions all the time. I don’t mind answering it if I can. It seems very strange that you are not getting your worker’s compensation check and you need surgery. Has your lawyer ever explained why you are not getting the check? I’m not sure if you are in Mississippi or not but Motion day for every county in Mississippi is usually once a month so your lawyer should just set it for Motion day and not worry about getting an agreed date with the Judge. This will speed the process up for you as you simply can’t survive without money to pay your bills.

            I hope things get better for you. If you have any other questions, just let me know. Thanks for contacting us.

        • michael says:

          Jay I was recently hurt on the job no fault of mine company negligence on safety rules I now have a broken coccyx ad neck pain the doctors have yet to fully determine the extent of my neck injury the CT scan showed a bulged disc in my neck the company I worked for has taken responsibility for my injury my question to you is at what time do I need legal representation

          • Jay says:


            Goodness, I know that hurt like heck.

            My book can best answer that question as it goes into great detail about that. If you get chance, please read it, it is free. If you want to just talk, just call me and I can answer any questions you might have.

            If you want to just email me, you can do that also and I can answer questions by email but with a case like yours, it is much easier to just answer questions by phone or just have you read my book.

            I hope you get better soon.

    3. Barbara Farney says:

      Needs help

    4. Ayrie says:

      Glad to hear you and your peeps are okay (from your Twitter update). I was waicnthg the coverage on the news how horrific. I went to the U of M, so I am very familiar with that stretch of 35W. I have a phobia about bridges, so this just confirms it. Horrible.

    5. Camilia Totu says:

      I was injured at work and I want to read your book so I can have more information about this worker compensation…I slipped and fell at work and I Kroger 5 bones in my lower leg so please can you be so kind and send me a copy of your book? Thank you so much.

    6. Lanna Saucier says:

      I need a workers compensation attorney. As I’ve read in your website, you want me to read your book before I hire you. If you could, send me the book please?

      Lanna Saucier

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